Nurian Z1: Redesigned, priced, and almost launched

The Nurian Z1 has gone through a number of changes since it was first spotted a few months ago. Its "Z1" designation used to be

February 28, 2007 UMPC

GUPP Phreedom: Linux Treo-like phone

I don’t care much for the design and the spelling of its name makes me cringe, but the upcoming Phreedom phone by Malaysian company GUPP

February 27, 2007 Linux

Save $150 with Sony UX280P bundle

Sony has been selling the iGo (formerly Think Outside) Stowaway Universal Bluetooth keyboard as the VGP-XTBTUE for $150 since at least the middle of last

February 26, 2007 UMPC

Review: Kohjinsha SA1F00A

Unlike in other industries, trends in technology rarely come full circle. The chances of, say, the MP3 player being replaced by the shoulder-sitting boombox are

February 25, 2007 Reviews, UMPC

OQO invents UMPC Pro category twice

When the Model 02 was announced last month, OQO tagged it as "the first computer in the UMPC Pro category." The California-based company, which proclaims

February 23, 2007 UMPC

Sony Vaio UX series: At a glance

Until Sony overhauls the design of its UX series of micro PCs to make telling them apart a bit easier, I hope the following chart

February 21, 2007 Features, UMPC

Sharp announces EM ONE for Japan

This is unexpected! Within a month of proclaiming that the Zaurus series is no more, Sharp is already getting ready to push something new (and

February 20, 2007 UMPC

Archos 704 WiFi sports UMPC-worthy display

Hmm. It looks like the Archos 704 WiFi could turn out to be a viable alternative to, say, the Pepper Pad 3 (PP3) or some

February 19, 2007 Linux

Sony Vaio UX around the world

Keeping track of all of the new micro PCs joining Sony’s UX lineup is no easy task, particularly because the company has a nasty habit

February 18, 2007 UMPC

Sony Vaio UX Micro PC series keeps growing

Several weeks ago, Sony quietly began selling the UX380N, not to be confused with the UX390N (also called the UX Premium), which is essentially the

February 17, 2007 UMPC
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