Amazon shareholders lose faith after Xbox 360 madness?

An Amazon.com spokesperson addressed yesterday’s website meltdown by commenting today that the dramatic increase in traffic for the $100 Xbox 360 Core System, which sold

November 24, 2006 Apps

Sony wants your defective Cyber-shot digital cameras

Sony announced today that 8 models of its Cyber-shot digital camera line may malfunction in warm and humid areas. If you’ve been experiencing problems with

November 24, 2006 Tips & Deals

Amazon mirrors Apple's Black Friday deals

I mentioned yesterday that the online Apple store would be having a Black Friday sale today. If you woke up late (as I did) and

November 24, 2006 Tips & Deals

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s almost lunchtime around here, and that means the holiday-eating season has begun. Our family celebrates Thanksgiving at lunch and dinner, so I’ll be heading

November 23, 2006 Site News

Amazon celebrates Black Friday today

Okay, not officially, but I think clogged servers, what I assume are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people clamoring for the same item,

November 23, 2006 Tips & Deals

Latest PSP firmware requires PS3, $11, and extra MS Duo

Sony released a new firmware update (version 3.0) for the PSP on Monday that included, among other features, the ability to download and play original

November 22, 2006 Tips & Deals

LG Chocolate gets into the Christmas spirit

Verizon Wireless announced today that it will celebrate Black Friday by selling Mint and Cherry flavors of the LG VX8500 Chocolate phones ($99 with service).

November 22, 2006 Features

Treo 680 available on Black Friday

The road between press release and in-store availability has been a rocky one for the Palm Treo 680. Last month, word on the web was

November 21, 2006 webOS

My Pepper Pad 3 is back (and black)

The next time I planned to shine the spotlight on my Pepper Pad 3 (PP3) was in the first installment of an upcoming multipart review.

November 21, 2006 Linux

Amazon to sell 1,000 Xbox 360 consoles for $100

If one of the 667,000 Nintedo Wii consoles sold since yesterday’s launch isn’t sitting in your living room right now, you may want to head

November 20, 2006 Apps
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