Sony UX Micro PC is best-selling handtop

That’s what Richard Shim said, anyway. In a CNET article about the upcoming crop of Vistagami UMPCs set to sprout at next month’s CES, the

December 22, 2006 UMPC

Pepper Pad 3 gets even better

Pepper Computer has officially released version 3.1 of its Pepper Pad software. The 100MB update is available for a one-click direct download on the original

December 21, 2006 Linux

Onkyo VR-1000J records video on memory cards

Onkyo Japan just unveiled its pyramid-shaped VR-1000J media recorder designed for use with PSPs and cell phones accepting MS Duo or SD cards. Somewhat similar

December 20, 2006 Accessories

HTC Athena in the wild

After they broke yesterday’s news about the HTC Athena’s updated specs, the::unwired was quickly added to my RSS feeds. Good thing, too, because look at

December 20, 2006 UMPC

HTC Athena: Now more worthy of namesake?

It was a virtual yawn-fest when a leaked photo and snoozer specs of the upcoming HTC Athena appeared last week. The design was deliciously UMPC-like,

December 19, 2006 UMPC

Decent stuff about the Pepper Pad 3

Last week, Pepper Computer began sending out a pre-release of its upcoming software update (3.1) for the original Pepper Pad and the Pepper Pad 3

December 18, 2006 Linux, Reviews

Unboxing the Samsung Q1P

Newegg is one of my new favorite places to shop. In addition to having outstanding customer service, fast shipping, and a great deal, they made

December 17, 2006 UMPC

Samsung SPH-P9000 in action

They’re at it again. Just days after first teasing everyone with documented proof of their rendezvous with the Samsung SPH-P9000 uberdevice, SlashGear is back .

December 16, 2006 UMPC

Nintendo recalls DS & DS Lite power adapters

If you have a Nintendo DS and/or DS Lite, stop what you’re doing and check your power adapter. If it looks like the one on

December 15, 2006 Apps

Samsung SPH-P9000 details emerge

At today’s Mobile Tech Summit in New York, Vincent from SlashGear and Judie from Gear Diary both got some in-person time with the upcoming Samsung

December 14, 2006 UMPC
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