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What did last week’s Chromecast/Home outage hint at?

While Google Home going down for many was strange, what’s really odd was that Google Chromecast also went down. Chromecasts had historically not been something

July 02, 2018 Google 0 is the Katamari Damacy Android needed

If you were a fan of Katamari Damacy and felt a little underwhelmed by their mobile paywall or Tap My Katamari game, may be the

June 28, 2018 Games
Home outage email 1

Google sends out some apologies

They have yet to apologize for the Chromecast that was down most of the day and Google Voice, which used to be awesome

June 28, 2018 Google
The Internet from Pixabay 0

How to automatically reconnect Windows 10 VPN

If you’re attempting to get some semblance of stability using Windows built-in VPN networking and finding that there really is none, here’s a quick little

June 27, 2018 How To, Windows
Stingray Shields 3

Stingray Shields signal booster and radiation shield (partial review)

Stingray Shields claim to reduce radiation, increase signal strength, and turned out to be more testing that I was capable of doing with equipment I

June 27, 2018 Accessories, Reviews

Cycling with BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth headphones – review

I’m fortunate to be in a position where I get to pick the best design for the particular exercise. This week I got to try


Software update kills many Google products (resolved)

If you’ve got a Google Home and are getting the error message that something went wrong, or that you need to download the google home

June 27, 2018 Google
Lights Out 0

Putting my smart house to good use

Non-parents can probably skip this, this is just something that happened a couple of days ago that intersected my gadget life and my kid’s imagination.

June 26, 2018 Accessories, Pocketables
Sense Home Energy Monitor 0

A year into the Sense Home Energy Monitor

People have asked what sense the Sense Home Energy Monitor makes, and after a year of using it and with the company getting pounded by

June 25, 2018 Accessories, IoT, Reviews

The Logitech Craft keyboard review

Once again I’ve given up my IBM model M for another keyboard review. This time moving from steam age to space age with the Logitech

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