Share your Tasker project via TaskerNet

The day has come! the TaskerNet is here. I’m almost as excited as creators of SkyNet – let’s just hope the outcome will be more

October 05, 2018 Tasker
Presidental Alert 2

The Presidential alert system was tested today

The Presidential Alert system was evidently successfully tested a few minutes ago. Plenty of people managed to not hear about the thing. My office rings

October 03, 2018 News
Plex web episodes 0

Plex rolls out Web Shows to bring in even more entertainment

You’re already probably familiar with Plex, the one-stop media server, transcoder, over-the-air TV DVR, podcast central, media jukebox of a beast that’s simple enough a

October 03, 2018 Software Updates
Google Maps 0

Google rolling out enhanced Maps which includes real time train & bus delays

Google Maps is getting a major upgrade that includes real time bus and train delay information as well as the ability to watch your normally

October 02, 2018 Google
Tribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker review 0

Tribit X-Boom 24 Watt Bluetooth Speaker review

The Tribit X-Boom is a 24 Watt (2x12w) Bluetooth 4.2 speaker with a 5200mAh battery that can push out an impressively loud and clear audio

October 01, 2018 Accessories, Reviews

That guy who’d been robocalling for 3 months for health insurance just got fined $82 million

In 2016 over a three month period Philip Roesel’s company made more than 200,000 spoofed calls every day selling health insurance. The phone calls he

September 27, 2018 News
Voting in Maps 0

Shortlisting for group planning rolling out for Google Maps

Ever dealt with a group of people trying to decide where to go? Ever reconsidered your thoughts on murdering people for being indecisive? Well Google

September 26, 2018 Google
Radon map 0

Airthings launches live Radon map based on sensor data

If you’re not familiar with Radon, it’s a natural radioactive gas that can cause a hoary host of health issues. It can be detected by

September 25, 2018 Health
DigiCase 0

Something new comes: The DigiCase

The DigiCase is a phone case with a second screen on the back of the phone. Dual screen phones are not a new thing, but

September 25, 2018 Accessories, Android
Urban Armor Gear Note 9 Monarch case 0

Urban Armor Gear Galaxy Note 9 case somewhat review

We’ll do an interesting “review” here. I have the cases, and I have used their Monarch case in the past both on my Note 8,

September 24, 2018 Reviews
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