Apple Chairman and former CEO Steve Jobs passes away

I think the picture says it all. Today, Steve Jobs, former CEO and Chairman of Apple, lost his battle to cancer and passed away.  No

October 05, 2011 Apple

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch review

Barnes & Noble keeps gaining steam in the eReader market, and their follow up to the original, and admittedly quircky Nook, is now here at

October 05, 2011 Tablets

Dear Apple, the iPad is not a 2-inch MP3 player

The iPad is a pretty decent media player. You can’t strap it to your arm while running, but decent internal storage, a mostly great UI

October 05, 2011 Apple, Tablets

Vodafone interested in buying RIM?

It seems that every week, the BlackBerry PlayBook and its manufacturer, RIM, are in the news for the crazy business shenanigans they each pull. For example,

October 05, 2011 BlackBerry

HTC bringing Sensation XL to AT&T?

Now that we've got the iPhone 4S rumors out of the way, it's time to return to our normal routine of covering companies that release new devices.

October 05, 2011 Android

US Honeycomb update starts rolling out to Dell Streak 7 WiFi

It looks like the wait for Honeycomb-deprived Dell Streak 7 WiFi owners in the US may be over. Based on all the tips that are

October 05, 2011 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Sprint's Strategy Update conference call gets even more official

  In case you need more things to be excited about this week, Sprint has finally posted a link on its site to the webcast

October 05, 2011 Good and EVO

Yet another HTC EVO 3D price drop from Amazon

  Only a day after we reported that Amazon again dropped its price for the HTC EVO 3D down to $99.99 for both new lines

October 05, 2011 Good and EVO

Dell releases Honeycomb update for the Dell Streak 10 Pro

We truly hope that you aren't getting tired of hearing all this news about Honeycomb. We've already discussed two variants of Honeycomb for the Dell

October 05, 2011 Software Updates, StreakSmart

iOS 5 coming October 12th

Apple’s “let’s talk iPhone” keynote is now underway, where the iPhone and iPod is naturally the focus. They did however give us iPad users a

October 04, 2011 Apple, Tablets
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