Skype 2.0 working on HTC EVO 4G with latest 2.3 build

Thanks to a tip from G&E reader Davies, we're happy to announce that the Skype 2.0 (the one with video calling) .apk pulled from the

June 30, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

iPad App Store hits 100,000 apps

As of sometime yesterday or today, there are now 100,000 apps fpr the iPad in the APp Store. That doesn’t include iPhone apps, so 100,000

June 30, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Skype now does video calling on a handful of Android devices

Video calling has become an important feature for smartphones ever since the launch of the iPhone 4 and FaceTime. Android devices have had video calling capability

June 30, 2011 Android

Going mobile with HTC Flyer and the Executive Nook case

  For those who have purchased the HTC Flyer (or EVO View) and have been looking for a non-staining case to protect it, Best Buy

June 30, 2011 Accessories

Best Buy selling HP TouchPad accessory as “iPad sold separately”

Whenever I’m in brick and mortar electronics stores I can rarely be there for more than 5 minutes before I overhear something stupid said by

June 30, 2011 Accessories, Tablets

Ubuntu for Mobiles released onto Android Market

Linux-loving Dell Streak users recently received news that xda-developer and member of our own StreakSmart forums profclean2000 had created a custom Ubuntu 10.10 ROM for the

June 30, 2011 Apps, Hacks, StreakSmart

How to boost HTC EVO 3D data speed

Remember that trick we showed you back in January that potentially gave 3G data speeds a boost on your HTC EVO 4G? Lucky for us,

June 30, 2011 Good and EVO, Hacks, Tutorials

Tag Heuer Android phone brings polish to the platform, at least on the outside

Android devices have never been known for luxury build quality. In fact, users often complain about Android hardware feeling cheap. Tag Heuer noticed that problem

June 30, 2011 Android

HTC Eternity is really big, really fast

  Windows Phone devices haven't exactly strayed from the norm in terms of design and form factors. There have been typical candy-bars, portrait slide-out QWERTYs,

June 30, 2011 Microsoft

Sprint variant of Samsung Galaxy Tab Gingerbread update comes July 5

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab is not really successful. At all. In fact, it's been mistaken for an iPad before, because Samsung simply didn't do

June 30, 2011 Android, UMPC
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