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YI M1 Full Review

We took a first look at the YI M1 roughly a month ago and have had some time to put it through it’s paces in

August 06, 2018 Photography, Pocketables, Reviews

The Pocketables forums

Just a heads up, the old Pocketables forums are being converted and moved to Tapatalk hopefully within the next week. It’s been a long and

August 03, 2018 Pocketables

Annoyed with dozens of AutoApps populating your app drawer? Here is a fix!

If your love for Tasker is as big as mine, you have the AutoApps subscription, and the access to each AutoApps plugin ever developed! There

July 31, 2018 Pocketables, Tasker, Tutorials

Take a selfie with a speaker? What? – Dodocool DA84-1 review

Here is an idea, let’s make a small speaker that takes selfies. Said no company ever! Actually, Dodocool has just that in their offer! The Dodocool

July 25, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Reviews

Putting AutoTools pie chart to a good use – SSID logger

For a long time, Tasker GUI options were very limited. All we had to display options and values were the deeply flawed scenes. This is

July 23, 2018 Pocketables, Tasker, Tutorials

Softly wrapped Dodocool DA150 Bluetooth speaker – review

A portable speaker with a handle? The way I use my portable speakers it makes sense to add one! The Dodocool DA150 Bluetooth speaker comes with

July 21, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Reviews
Crater Lake 0

An IT guy’s vacation and a symphony of failures

I’ll probably be back at the keyboard plogging away by Mondy, playing catch up at the moment after my house of IT and gadget cards

July 12, 2018 Pocketables

YI M1 Mirroless photograph wonder, First impressions

Following up the E1, an excellent budget video option, we have the M1 from YI. We’ve worked with YI before to look at a home


Z-camera E1 the B-roll Bombshell

With the loss of my HTC10 I was on the market for a suitable camera to replace it. After a fair amount of searching and


Cycling with BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth headphones – review

I’m fortunate to be in a position where I get to pick the best design for the particular exercise. This week I got to try

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