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Vodool WiFi doorbell 3

Vodool WiFi video doorbell preview (20% discount code)

Last week I was slated to finish up a review of the Vodool video doorbell, and for a variety of reasons unrelated to the product

July 30, 2018 Accessories, Previews

YI M1 Mirroless photograph wonder, First impressions

Following up the E1, an excellent budget video option, we have the M1 from YI. We’ve worked with YI before to look at a home

Nest Remote Temperature Sensor 2

Nest Remote Temperature Sensors pre-ordering

Do you have to set your hallway to antarctica to get your living room in the 70’s? Do you have a baby room that has

March 30, 2018 Accessories, Previews

BLU Life One X3 Now Available and First Impressions

Just in time for Christmas, BLU Products is back with another mid-range phone. This time it is the BLU Life One X3, a $249 phone

December 15, 2017 Android, BLU, Pocketables, Previews
AmpliFi Teleport 2

AmpliFi Teleport connects you to your home network anywhere

The AmpliFi Teleport is a wired or wireless device that creates a VPN connection into your home network so you can access whatever you want

November 16, 2017 Accessories, Previews

Fingbox is here! Unboxing and first impressions

If you troubleshoot your local network a lot, you probably came across the Fing app before. It’s my favorite network tool and I talked about

October 29, 2017 IoT, Previews, Tools
ZUS Tire Safety Monitor 0

ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor review / preview

You may remember the name ZUS as an app/beacon/charger combo we reviewed a while back that allowed you to locate your car. The idea was

June 15, 2017 Accessories, Previews, Reviews
Kyocera Logo 0

Kyocera DuraForce PRO Preview

Kyocera has made a habit of releasing rugged phones. They’ve got a whole lineup of feature and smart phones. Their latest is the DuraForce PRO,

March 16, 2017 Android, Pocketables, Previews

Ben C’s hopes and plans for #2017 Articles

Ben C's hopes & plans for #2017 Articles: #AppStores, #Roms, #Messaging, and #Security

Super Mario Run 0

Super Mario Run for Android up for pre-registration

Super Mario Run, the Nintendoized running game featuring everyone’s favorite plumber, is available for pre-registration on Google Play today. Pre-registration just means you’ll be notified

January 19, 2017 Good and EVO, Pocketables, Previews
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