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It’s Sprint… again…

I got a text message that filled me with dread yesterday. Once again a Sprint rep had changed my plan on a number without getting

November 15, 2017 Rant
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Sprint Hotspot followup (still not resolved)

I mentioned earlier how absolutely mind boggling slow Sprint customer support was being. I was simply trying to get tethering I’m paying for to work

October 26, 2017 Good and EVO, Rant

90 minutes, then Verizon’s @VZWSupport muted me, No, Still no service!

90 minutes with Verizon Wireless (VZW) Tech Support and they tell me to drive to a closed store!

September 03, 2017 Editorials, Pocketables, Rant, Verizon

Can you hear me now? NO! Cause Verizon tech support is awful!

How did I get PUK-locked? I need to get an SMS to log into the web form… If I ask for a call, I don’t

September 02, 2017 Editorials, Rant, Sprint, Verizon
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