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Review: Vaja iPhone classic urbano pouch

Argentina-based Vaja is well known for designing luxury cases for portable gadgets and consumer electronics. Combining premium leather, elegant designs, and the occasional sprinkle of

July 30, 2007 Accessories, Apple, Reviews

Review: iriver Mplayer

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? Based on the new 1GB Mplayer, my guess would be iriver. Originally commissioned

July 29, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: FlipStart Labs FlipStart 1.0 (E-1001S)

An unbelievable four years after it was first announced and long after it was regarded as vaporware and urban legend, the FlipStart 1.0 (E-1001S) by

July 23, 2007 Reviews, UMPC

Review: Apple iPhone as UMPC Lite

First unveiled at Macworld in January 2007, the Apple iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs as a combination of three products: a widescreen iPod with

July 17, 2007 Apple, Reviews, UMPC

Review: Samsung K3 (YP-K3)

When Samsung unveiled its flash-based K3 digital audio player (YP-K3) earlier this year, it invited us to "imagine a slice of digital delight" and "imagine

July 10, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: iriver clix 2 cradle

One of the most uniquely designed and stylish accessories made exclusively for use with the iriver clix 2 is its official cradle, which not only


Review: Noreve Archos 704 WiFi leather case

Unlike a lot of portable gadgets these days, the Archos 704 WiFi portable media player (PMP) is bundled with a substantial set of accessories that

June 25, 2007 Accessories, Reviews

Review: Noreve iriver clix 2 leather case

If you’re on the prowl for a top-quality leather case worthy of your new iriver clix 2, premium accessory manufacturer Noreve has you covered (no

Review: iriver T50 and T60

How many boxes of Toblerone chocolates do you think were involved in designing iriver’s new T50 and T60 digital audio players (DAPs)? I’d say at

May 29, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: Archos 704 WiFi

The Archos 704 WiFi is the latest and most likely final portable media player (PMP) in the French company’s Generation 4 series. Sporting a 7-inch

May 20, 2007 Linux, Reviews
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