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Review: Tumi T-Tech Flow accessory tote

One of my new favorite travel bag collections is T-Tech Flow by Tumi, a luxury baggage company internationally renowned for its self-professed "design excellence, functional

December 11, 2007 Accessories, Reviews

Review: Toshiba gigabeat T400

When the gigabeat T400 launched in September 2007, Toshiba was confident that its 4GB flash player would be the answer to the "call for a

December 03, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: Sony Walkman cradle (BCR-NWU3)

The Sony Walkman cradle (BCR-NWU3) is part of the wide selection of official Walkman accessories currently available for the S610 and A810 series of digital

November 25, 2007 Accessories, MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: HTC Advantage X7501 as mobile entertainment

If the HTC Advantage X7501 is touted as "the most powerful mobile office," can it also succeed as an equally powerful mobile entertainment center? Just

November 20, 2007 Microsoft, Reviews, UMPC

Review: Sony Vaio TZ Instant Mode

Most modern Sony Vaio notebooks are equipped with Instant Mode, a feature that allows users to watch DVDs, listen to music, or view pictures without

November 19, 2007 Reviews

Review: Fujitsu U810 executive leather portfolio

Shortly after unboxing the Fujitsu LifeBook U810, I returned to the company’s online shop to browse its selection of carrying cases for the mini notebook. 

November 11, 2007 Accessories, Reviews, UMPC

Review: Treo 650 & 700 short antenna

If you’ve been looking with disdain at the long antenna on your Treo 650 or 700 smartphone since before Palm introduced the visibly antenna-less 680

November 05, 2007 Reviews

Review: Sony A810 Walkman

The A810 Walkman is the flagship model of Sony’s newest video-enabled digital media players. Available in 2GB (A815), 4GB (A816), and 8GB (A818) versions, the

October 28, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: HTC Advantage X7501 keyboard

One of the most unique features of the HTC Advantage X7501 is its detachable magnetic keyboard. Since nearly everything about it—size, usability, comfort—has generated commentary

October 24, 2007 Microsoft, Reviews, UMPC

Review: Sony S610 Walkman

The S610 Walkman series is one of Sony’s first portable media devices to support video playback. Available in 2GB (S615F), 4GB (S616F), and 8GB (S618F)

October 21, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews
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