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SprinT-Mobile talks back on

It’s possible that under the command of T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere and merged with T-Mobile, Sprint could become something more than a $32 billion long

April 11, 2018 News, Sprint, TMobile

Something unexpected killed my phone service

I’ve been a happy camper with Google Voice with Sprint integration back since it came out. Getting voicemails transcribed, emails when I’ve missed a call,

December 20, 2017 Sprint
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A less bad, but still perplexing interaction with Sprint

You may recall my HTC 10 story. TL;DR took it in for a battery, screen died, new screen didn’t fix it, company bought me a

November 14, 2017 Sprint
Hotspot Error 0

Sprint Hotspot issue day 11, finally know what they did

Perhaps you’ll recall my three hour plus conversation with Sprint about how my hotspot wasn’t working and I pay for it? They changed my plan, then

October 30, 2017 Sprint
Hotspot failure 0

A morning with Sprint (total time: 3 hours, 21 minutes)

I’d switched to a Note 8 (unrooted) due to issues with my HTC 10 dying on the table. I was informed by several people that

October 19, 2017 Sprint

Can you hear me now? NO! Cause Verizon tech support is awful!

How did I get PUK-locked? I need to get an SMS to log into the web form… If I ask for a call, I don’t

September 02, 2017 Editorials, Rant, Sprint, Verizon
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HTC U11 battery, signal, camera, more days with it

I’m not going to attempt to quantify what day of testing I’m on. I sat it down for most of the weekend and started playing

Sprint Magic Box released, helps with bad LTE reception

Sprint’s got a problem and that’s LTE reception in homes and businesses. They’ve gotten significantly better over the years in terms of coverage and backbone


Sprint Announces new Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon’s relaunching of unlimited Data has caused a scramble at all the carriers as they revamp their unlimited data plans. Sprint is no exception to

February 16, 2017 News, Sprint
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