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Love your iPad? Can’t get enough of your new Windows 8 tablet? Are you an Android fangirl or fanboy at heart? No matter your preference, we’ve got you covered – welcome to the home of all things flat at Pocketables.

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Turn a camera tripod into a tablet stand

For me (and many others) tablets are information consumption devices first and foremost. I love leaning back in my chair reading RSS feeds, a magazine


Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit review

The current iPad is minimalistic in many ways. It doesn’t have a camera, it doesn’t have cell phone features like the Galaxy tab, and it

December 21, 2010 Accessories, Apple, Reviews, Tablets

Case-mate Hybrid Tough Case for iPad Review

Back when you really only had MP3 players and dumb smartphones to worry about protecting there were basically three types of cases; silicone skins, leather

December 21, 2010 Apple, Reviews, Tablets

Windows tablets: How to optimize performance

A lot of Windows based tablets will end up running slower than usual due to lack of RAM and unnecessary “bling”. 1GB RAM is for

December 20, 2010 Microsoft, Tablets

Useful iPad apps

Below is a list of iPad apps that we have mentioned on NBT (either in reviews or just in passing) that we consider useful along

December 05, 2010 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Viliv S5 Review

Today is the day millions have been waiting for- the day the iPad is released. However, not everyone buy into a $500 device that lacks

April 03, 2010 Microsoft, Reviews, Tablets

OpenPeak tablet concept teases us, but may never be

Even though this is the year of the tablet, this OpenPeak device might be something that we never see. On display in the Intel booth

January 09, 2010 Tablets

Archos 9 Tablet comes out of hiding

This is one that I have been looking forward to seeing, even with the lowly Z515 Atom it houses. Definitely a step up in build

January 08, 2010 Tablets

Harlequin Sony Reader bundle for Valentine's Day

Following up on last year’s Valentine’s Day bundle, Sony is once again dressing up its latest Reader Digital Book for the upcoming occasion. The dark

January 29, 2008 Tablets

Sony Reader PRS-505 gets official

Three weeks after the new Sony Reader was prematurely revealed, the company has made the PRS-505 Reader Digital Book official. Most of the specs are

October 02, 2007 Tablets
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