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Comments Off on Quell Wearable Pain Relief, an Introduction

Quell Wearable Pain Relief, an Introduction

A primer on the Bluetooth controlled Quell wearable TENS pain control device I've been wearing for 1 month. So far excellent results.

September 27, 2017 Features, Health, Pocketables, Reviews, wearables

Fing – my favorite tool to troubleshoot networks

There is a networking app I use almost each time I get to work on any internet enabled projects. Fing has been mentioned by me

June 12, 2017 Apps, Pocketables, Tools

Quick app review: Switcher for Android improves multitasking with iPad-like gestures

One of the multitouch gestures that I appreciate the most from the iPad is the one that allows you to easily and naturally switch tasks

July 10, 2012 Android, Apps

Use Network Spoofer to have some fun with your friends

Network Spoofer lets you change websites on other people’s computers – from your phone. I need to start this off with a disclaimer; actually I will

June 11, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

A look at how to control your Android phone from your desktop browser with AirDroid

There are a number of standalone ways you can synchronize your Android device with your desktop computer for a more seamless experience. With the desktop

June 05, 2012 Android, Apps
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