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If Google’s new iOS Maps app has turn-by-turn navigation, Apple Maps is dead

A few weekends ago, my friends and I went to a big city to hang out and have fun. Since I was the one stuck

November 15, 2012 Apple, Apps, Editorials

Apple Maps receives first update, rebuilds New York City landmarks

Apple’s new Maps app has been – well, it hasn’t been good. The company has already promised that the application will get better with time,

October 05, 2012 Apple

Apple utilizing some Store staff to help with Maps issues

There are a few failings of iOS 6, but none are as big as the huge Maps kerfuffle that Apple is currently having to deal

October 03, 2012 Apple

Apple opens up new App Store section for map apps

Hot on the heels of Tim Cook’s apology letter, Apple has opened up a brand-new App Store section dedicated to finding alternative map apps for

September 28, 2012 Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook is sorry for iOS 6’s new Maps app

Maps, as you know, is Apple’s new, in-house mapping application for iOS 6 – one that has come under fire recently for being much worse

September 28, 2012 Apple

Apple is currently fixing its new Maps app

Released yesterday, iOS 6 brought a number of improvements to Apple’s mobile operating system. One improvement is a brand-new Maps app that Apple made in-house

September 20, 2012 Apple, Apps
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