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Using the Nexus 7 charger with the Nexus 4 may cause overheating

  Just a little while ago, I began to notice my Nexus 4 heating up a bit around the back of the device. The problem

May 22, 2013 Android

A Google Hangouts commercial seems to show an updated Nexus 7

Normally, most of the product rumors come out before a company’s big announcement, which is why I was half expecting an updated ASUS Nexus 7

May 17, 2013 Android

Analyst predicts a new Nexus 7 for I/O release that I would love to buy

Analysts often make all kinds of predictions when an event like Google I/O is coming up, but few have the success and historical accuracy of

May 10, 2013 Android

ASUS will soon join the Chrome OS party

We can now add ASUS to the growing list of Chrome OS manufacturers, which also includes Samsung, Acer, HP, and Lenovo. This is according to

April 30, 2013 Laptops, Linux

Ubuntu Touch updated to 13.04 Raring Ringtail, gets (some) apps

Thanks to the fact that my Nexus 7 is currently out of commission, I haven’t yet gotten the chance to try out the recently released

April 19, 2013 Android, Linux

ASUS Fonepad up for sale on eBay Daily Deals before release, isn’t really a deal

Ever since it was first announced, we haven’t talked much about the ASUS Fonepad 7-inch tablet. Mostly this is because, while it is an interesting

April 17, 2013 Android, Tablets, Tips & Deals

Google is celebrating the Google Play redesign with device giveaways, get a new Nexus free

Although you wouldn’t know it from the Google Play web interface (I’m not sure about the app since I haven’t yet gotten the automatic update),


An Android based laptop from Google would be a terrible idea

According to Ubergizmo, Google is currently working on a Android based laptop, which would be revealed sometime later this year. This would be yet another


Updated ASUS Nexus 7 expected for July introduction

A little less than a year ago, Google released the original ASUS Nexus 7 a Google I/O. The tablet has been quite a hit, and

April 03, 2013 Android, Tablets

Deal Alert: Get a cheap Android tablet in last year’s model courtesy of Woot

I don’t always check Woot, especially since its redesign changed the way deals are handled, and I haven’t found the sales to be as good.

April 02, 2013 Android, Tablets, Tips & Deals
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