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Near-Perfect AutoNotifications

Many times before, I found myself creating yet another AutoNotificaiton action in my Tasker project. Anyone using this plugin knows how versatile it can be

December 15, 2017 Pocketables, Tasker, Tutorials

Quick Tasker tip: Create a dynamic profile for canceling persistent AutoNotifications

I’ve basically stopped using Tasker’s built-in notification creation actions altogether, because AutoNotification simply does it better. Very often I use the option to make a

July 31, 2013 Android, Apps

Creating a virtual post-it note using Tasker, AutoRemote, and AutoNotification

Every so often, I find myself needing to put a small bit of information in a readily accessible place for a short period of time.

July 24, 2013 Android, Apps

Use Tasker to create reminders that can only be dismissed by physical objects

Surfing around the Reddit Tasker forum today I came across this post from someone who is looking for help with what I think is a

July 11, 2013 Android, Apps

Tips and tricks for debugging your Tasker creations

I get a lot of questions from people who’ve either recreated something or made something from scratch in Tasker, only to find out that it

June 07, 2013 Android, Apps

Tips for using lists with the AutoNotification Tasker plugin

I just finished converting all my Tasker todo notifications to using AutoNotification notifications, and thought I would share some tips I picked up on the

April 22, 2013 Android, Apps

Upgrading a highly customized phone to ICS+, part 3: Flipping the switch

After my quest to upgrade my over-customized phone to ICS+ got off to a shaky start, things started looking up a few days ago. That

March 22, 2013 Android, Editorials
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