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Is the Dell Streak 5 set to receive a kernel upgrade?

Have you taken advantage of PandaWill's Dell Streak 5 sale? If you have, you'll be glad to know that the device you just spent $274.99 on

April 04, 2012 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Dell discontinues sales of smartphones in the US

I hate to start out a post asking if anybody is surprised at this news, but I kind of have to given Dell's history with

March 29, 2012 StreakSmart

Unlocked 4G Dell Streak 7 just $249 at Fry’s

T-Mobile hasn't sold the 4G Dell Streak 7 in a long time, and between then and now, it was really hard to get your hands

March 22, 2012 StreakSmart

Dell Streak Pro 101DL, GS01 released on SoftBank and eMobile, respectively

Today, Dell released the Streak Pro 101DL and the Streak Pro GS01 on Japanese carriers SoftBank and eMobile, respectively. These two devices have been in

March 08, 2012 StreakSmart

CM7 and MIUI for Dell Streak 5 released

I usually become sad when I think of the Dell Streak 5 and the potential it had before Dell canned it in August of last

March 07, 2012 Android, StreakSmart

What does Dell’s shying away from the consumer PC market mean for Streaks?

If I were to tell you that Dell is switching its focus from the consumer PC market to the IT market, what would you say?

February 27, 2012 StreakSmart

Dell Streak Pro GS01 released, tested, enjoyed

Dell's Streak Pro line is certainly hot these days. Aside from being one of the few Streaks still (officially) sold, Dell has also provided developers

February 22, 2012 StreakSmart

Dell releases new Streak Pro-related files that are mysterious [Updated]

Hey! Remember towards the beginning of the month when we reported on the release of the Dell Streak Pro's kernel? Well, here we are in

February 21, 2012 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Dell Streak Pro D43 gets fondled, played with

Just Monday, Dell released the kernel for the Streak Pro D43. And now, thanks to Engadget Chinese, we have some more information about the device.

February 08, 2012 StreakSmart

Dell Streak Pro kernel released

While we don't hear much about the Dell Streak Pro in the United States, there are a few tidbits of news dealing with the device

February 06, 2012 StreakSmart
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