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Harvard releseases FREE 12 Module Digital Photography Class

Module Topics Photography Lessons Module 1: Introduction to Digital Photography 0 / 5 Module 2: Introduction to Software Start Module 0 / 3 Module 3:

February 05, 2017 Android, Apple, Free, Pocketables

Has Apple’s position in the education market made it lazy?

In a couple of weeks, I start a new job as a teacher, and my iPad mini will be one of my main tools for

July 30, 2013 Apple, Tablets

Smartwatches can potentially be very useful in education

Smartwatches are- right now at least- mostly just information display devices. The ability to just glance at some information on your wrist is however very useful,

April 05, 2013 Accessories, Android, Apps

How Notability came close to replacing GoodNotes for me, but didn’t

A good note taking app is paramount for my tablet experience, and the reason why I eventually gave up the entire notion of an Android

February 21, 2013 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Document scanning is why I value a good camera on a tablet

Some people- you might perhaps even say most people- have limited use for a camera on a tablet. Tablets always seem to be lagging behind

January 14, 2013 Apple, Apps, Tablets

The iPad mini is a great digital textbook

I have a big exam in a week, and so I’ve been stuck in front of my iPad mini for most of the day lately.

January 03, 2013 Apple, Apps

Lack of awareness is why tablets are considered toys

A new semester just started for me, and I found myself square in the middle of a brand new class. It doesn’t matter how stealthy

August 22, 2012 Tablets

How I scan documents with Scanner Pro

I’ve been going on about scanning software for iOS and Android lately, and there’s a reason for that: I currently need that kind of software.

August 21, 2012 Apple, Tablets

Brookstone releases scanner dock for the iPad

iOS compatible scanners is nothing new, but it’s a rare enough accessory that a new one is worth mentioning. With the iPad 3 you could

May 14, 2012 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

Quick look at Notes Plus version 3.0.3

Notes Plus is an app I’ve mentioned in the past, but one that I haven’t actually used much or kept up-to-date with due to some

April 04, 2012 Apple, Apps, Tablets
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