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The Trekstor Pyrus Mini is an interesting ereader that I would like to see copied and improved

Trekstor is a company that I haven’t heard much from for years. To be honest, I still associate the name with the massive naming failure from half a

April 24, 2013 Accessories, Android

Barnes & Noble announces new NOOK tablets – but do they have what it takes to stay competitive?

Barnes & Noble announced its new line of NOOK tablets in the face of fierce competition from the new Kindle Fire HD and the Google

September 26, 2012 Android, Tablets

Amazon introduces Whispersync for Voice and Games

Amazon has owned Audible for a while, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the service. That’s all about to change though, as Amazon

September 10, 2012 Tablets

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD uses Bing as default search engine

Since they were announced yesterday, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD tablets have been the focus of at least a bit of controversy. First, there was some

September 07, 2012 Android, Tablets

You will be able to opt out of ads on new Kindles, says Amazon [Updated]

One thing that Amazon didn’t make a big deal out of at its press event yesterday is the fact that all of its Kindles –

September 07, 2012 Android, Tablets

Amazon announcement roundup: Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 7, Kindle Paperwhite, more

Amazon had a big day today. Rather than start with the history of the Kindle lineup, I think that we should get right into the

September 06, 2012 Android, Tablets

What Amazon can do to improve Kindles for schools

So I know I’ve been talking about Kindles a lot this week, but that’s because I have spent a lot of time with them in

August 30, 2012 Tablets

Kindles help schools save money on books

I’ve been talking a lot this week about the Amazon Kindle, and that’s because it’s been my major project at work this week. After learning

August 29, 2012 Tablets

Amazon Kindle 4.1 update is a life saver for schools

I mentioned last week that the school I work for ordered a bunch of Kindles to replace books in the classroom. They came in yesterday

August 28, 2012 Tablets

Amazon Kindle, not safe for schools?

As most of you probably know, I work IT part time at a school. It’s been a lot of fun for me to see some

August 23, 2012 Hacks, Tablets
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