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AT&T to finally enable FaceTime over cellular for all data customers

AT&T’s FaceTime troubles started late last year when the company announced that only users of its Mobile Share plans would be able to access the

January 16, 2013 Apple, Apps

AT&T activates FaceTime over cellular for all customers – are you one of them?

When Apple originally announced that iOS 6 would be bringing additional FaceTime over cellular capabilities, AT&T had told customers that, to use this new feature,

November 21, 2012 Apple, Apps

Verizon to allow cellular FaceTime with any data plan

We already know AT&T’s unfortunate stance on FaceTime over cellular, as well as Sprint’s much better one – but until now, Verizon Wireless had kept

September 13, 2012 Apple

AT&T responds to FaceTime-over-cellular complaints

On Monday, complaints against AT&T’s FaceTime-over-cellular policies starting filing in. In particular, the Public Knowledge organization sent out a statement saying that the decision to

August 22, 2012 Apple, Apps

AT&T may break FCC rules with FaceTime decision – which is a good thing

On Friday, AT&T announced that only users of its new Mobile Share plans will be able to access Apple’s FaceTime service over its cellular network.

August 20, 2012 Apple, Editorials

AT&T to require Mobile Share plan for FaceTime over cellular

Exactly one month ago, it was rumored that AT&T was planning to charge its users to use FaceTime over its cellular networks. A while after

August 17, 2012 Apple
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