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I wish more Android phones were like the iPhone 5, hardware-wise

At this point there’s no way I’m every going back to an iPhone. I simply rely too much on being able to customize my device,

July 15, 2013 Android, Editorials

From the DIY drawer: Xbox 360 controller mod for Galaxy S II

Ever since I got rid of my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, I’ve been without an Android device that’s fully capable of using standard game controllers.

May 30, 2013 Accessories, Android

How software made my phone appear to have a higher resolution

I recently upgraded my phone from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, a task that was all but straight forward thanks to all my custom software. I

April 17, 2013 Android

The problem with Android is that it’s designed for a level of stability that just isn’t there

Yesterday, a friend of mine mentioned that she was having issues with her Galaxy S II, which was complaining about the memory being full. After

April 17, 2013 Android

How to use the Sony Ericsson LiveView with OpenLiveView and Tasker

Many moons ago, I got my hands on a Sony Ericsson LiveView smartwatch for next to nothing. It’s a product that never sold well due

March 26, 2013 Accessories, Android, Tutorials

Upgrading a highly customized phone to ICS+, part 3: Flipping the switch

After my quest to upgrade my over-customized phone to ICS+ got off to a shaky start, things started looking up a few days ago. That

March 22, 2013 Android, Editorials

Get per-app DPI settings on rooted Android 4.0+ devices using Xposed

Back when I started the process of upgrading my phone, I immediately went for the Paranoid Android ROM because of its per-app DPI settings. I had

March 22, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

Upgrading a highly customized phone to ICS+, part 2: Things are looking up

Several days ago I wrote about how I’ve acquired a second Samsung Galaxy S II, in an effort to actually move the extremely heavily customized setup I

March 18, 2013 Android, Editorials

Upgrading a highly customized phone to ICS+, part 1: S II, meet S II

There are times I really want to just blatantly state that my phone is more customized than anyone else’s out there. It problem wouldn’t be

March 12, 2013 Android, Apps

How much is a piece of molded plastic worth?

Yesterday, I came home to a near-full mailbox. The package that took up almost the entire thing was from an eBay seller, and contained no

February 05, 2013 Accessories, Apple, Tablets
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