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Bigger news – Google+ data breach lasted years, discovered in March

The Wall Street Journal is reporting, but I’m linking to Engadget because I don’t expect everyone has a WSJ account, that Google learned in March

October 08, 2018 Google
Google Minus 7

In the spirit of Halloween Google kills off Google Plus

Remember Google Plus? That thing we thought might be able to take on and take down Facebook. Yeah, doesn’t look like that’s going to be

October 08, 2018 Google
Google Maps stuck 0

Android Emergency Location Service expands in the US

I mentioned before that your location information isn’t guaranteed to get to help when calling emergency services. This is due to a lot of factors,

September 19, 2018 Google
Google Fit overhaul 1

In a fit Google says F’it, redesigns Fit

The new Google fit turns your health into goals and gamification with Move Minutes, Heart Points, and there should be a third thing here but

August 21, 2018 Apps, Google

Hey Google, tell me something good

Getting overwhelmed by the non stop barrage of school shooting, political fights, clashes with facists, neonazis marching, natural disasters, and internet arguments? Just ask Google

August 21, 2018 Google
Google Home working with speaker groups and personal library 2

Google Assistant/Home finally (mostly) works with personal library and speaker groups

This wasn’t a joke, there was no way I could find last week to get Google Home to play a song called Mayan Pilot from

August 20, 2018 Google
Google Home Mini 3

Google Home has a ways to go still (10 attempts to play a song)

Here’s a short rundown of me attempting to play the song Mayan Pilot by Splashdown, which exists in my Google Play Music Library. It’s pretty

August 14, 2018 Google

Updated: Did something change with Google Voice and Sprint or is it just me?

Since I got booted off of Sprint’s Google Voice integration I’ve been simply forwarding my no-answer and busy to my Google Voice number. Google Voice

August 13, 2018 Google
Fiber Optic Cable source: 0

FCC sides decided Google is big business, sides with it on One Touch Make Ready

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past that the existing carriers have been leaving wires hanging low, pieces of equipment blocking where Google would

August 06, 2018 Google, News

Google Home – Location Sharing: ETA & distance

Google Home – Location sharing tutorial sparked a discussion about what other functions could be added to that system. The immediate response was to add the

May 12, 2018 Google, Pocketables, Tutorials
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