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This is your source for everything you need to know about Google Nexus phones and tablets – devices that provide a “pure Google” experience, making them great choices for Android enthusiasts, developers, and casual users alike.

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Google Nexus tablet details and pricing leak, no surprises found

Google I/O is coming in a matter of days, and just last Friday I made predictions as to what we would see at the massive

June 25, 2012 Android, Tablets

ISeeYou brings the Galaxy SIII’s SmartStay feature to other Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is quite an impressive piece of hardware, but a lot of the device’s most touted features are

June 21, 2012 Android, Apps

Hands on with Apollo, CyanogenMod’s new stock music player

Ever since it was released, I have been trying to use Google Music to synchronize and manage my music collection, in addition to the third

June 21, 2012 Android, Apps, Hacks

Light Flow LED Control for Android lets you customize LED notifications and much more

  While Andreas has been busy trying to create a working substitute for a notification light on his Samsung Galaxy SII, I am lucky enough

June 20, 2012 Android, Apps

Flow is a beautiful, understated theme for CM9 and AOKP

If you have read even a few of my opinions on Android, then you probably know that I don’t generally like any kind of manufacturer

June 18, 2012 Android, Apps

Why I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I’ve been very happy with my stock Android experience, but one of the things that Android prides itself on is the ability to root a

June 15, 2012 Android

Smart Screen On lets you use the proximity sensor to control the screen on your Android device

Ever since I covered the Pantech Vega LTE and its use of the front facing camera for touchless gestures, I have been waiting for the feature to

June 14, 2012 Android, Apps

Get a glass screen protector for your Galaxy Nexus and protect the display without the cheap plastic

Even though Gorilla Glass and other technologies are hardening and improving the glass used in smartphones all the time, ever since I seriously scratched the

June 13, 2012 Accessories, Android

Impressions of Linaro ROM on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Linaro team’s Android ROM and tweaks that I talked about yesterday certainly promised some impressive results, so when I found a reasonable-looking source for

June 12, 2012 Android

What iOS 6 means for Android, and how the platforms compare

Yesterday, Apple concluded their massive WWDC event, which encompassed everything from new laptops to mobile software. The myriad of information from this event will likely dominate the

June 12, 2012 Android, Features
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