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Pandora gaming handheld to ship en masse next month

With so many tablets and phones coming out these days, it's fantastic to get back to Pocketables' roots: handheld computers. Those of you who've been

January 24, 2012 Linux, UMPC

What does Ocosmos OCS9 pre-release sale tell us about the OCS1?

I'm sure you all remember the Ocosmos OCS1 and OCS9 we saw at CES 2011. Well, they may be available soon. Back in January, Engadget reported that

July 07, 2011 UMPC

Is pre-ordering the new trend in mobile devices?

It seems that everyone is trying to get tablets out the door. But lately I have noticed that most are for pre-order. The PlayBook was

May 02, 2011 UMPC

Intel's Oak Trail for mobile announced as alternative to Tegra 2, tablets already in the works

Powerful and low voltage processors have become the standard for high-end mobile devices, and one of the most popular and most common ones is the

April 12, 2011 UMPC

RIM explains lack of email, other apps on Playbook

Oh, silly BlackBerry PlayBook. Oh, silly RIM. There are so many potential customers out there who really want the device to be released because of RIM's

March 29, 2011 UMPC

NEC surprises with LifeTouch Note Android netbook

Providing a brief respite from the tablet onslaught comes a fascinating new device from NEC. The company has been very active in its home market

February 17, 2011 Android, UMPC

ITG’s long-awaited xpPhone finally and unbelievably available for purchase!

Mere days after reappearing in the headlines running Windows 7, the ITG xpPhone is back in the news again for something much more significant. The

November 22, 2010 UMPC

Video of the long lost ITG xpPhone surfaces now running Windows 7

Remember the ITG xpPhone? We have been closely following the intriguing device throughout its very long development, ITG's teasing news releases, its string of video appearances

November 16, 2010 UMPC

Sharp IS01 now available worldwide, starting at $246

Need a break from the eternal parade of Android tablets? Then sit back and let me refresh your memory about a little Android clamshell called

October 27, 2010 Android, UMPC

Dion Computer’s prototype 4.8-inch clamshell Android MID revealed

Usually known for myriad clones of popular devices such as the iPad, Chinese manufacturers can also sometimes produce something more interesting and original, with the

October 25, 2010 Android, UMPC
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