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Meet the new Pre, same as the old Pre

Well, maybe not on the inside, but the outside sure looks like more of the same from HP/Palm. According to the website of the French

October 11, 2010 UMPC

Palm to release WebOS phone sans keyboard?

In what could be the first clear change of direction since Palm was acquired by HP, word has leaked about an upcoming smartphone that will

October 04, 2010 UMPC

OQO Model 03 could be on horizon, but its time may have passed

With no shortage of handheld computers and even smartphones doing their darndest impersonations of tiny computers these days, it's easy to forget about one of

August 02, 2010 UMPC

iWatch Q839 mini VAIO P clone resurfaces as newly launched 3GNET MI13

  Remember that miniature VAIO P clone we saw several weeks ago from Chinese manufacturer iWatch? The diminutive UMPC has resurfaced as what appears to

July 19, 2010 UMPC

Dell, Viliv first to earn my personal boycott thanks to their long delays

If I'm looking at my calendar correctly, we're entering what amounts to the second full week of July, or the seventh month of the year.

July 11, 2010 UMPC

Kohjinsha brand bids farewell as Inventec pulls the plug

  Over the past few years, Kohjinsha has been a notable manufacturer of unique and interesting UMPCs, handtops, and mini notebook. No stranger to the

July 05, 2010 UMPC

Review: Sharp NetWalker PC-T1

Eight months after the launch of the NetWalker PC-Z1, Sharp unveiled the NetWalker PC-T1, a 5-inch tablet version of the Z1 clamshell. Released last month

June 09, 2010 Linux, Reviews, UMPC

Inventec Dr. Eye MID packs Android 2.1 into an e-dictionary body

  As most people would agree, a touchscreen-based soft keyboard still has a ways to go before being comparable to a decent hardware keyboard. But

June 04, 2010 Android, UMPC

iWatch Q839 UMPC is like a miniature VAIO P with WinXP, 3G, and WiMAX

  Ever wish that the venerable Sony VAIO P was even smaller and be truly pocketable? Chinese manufacturer iWatch may have what you're looking for

June 02, 2010 UMPC

BPhone smartphone/UMPC hybrid runs Linux and available to order

When we first saw the Cool BPhone at the beginning of the year shrouded in mystery, we questioned its product classification with its small size,

March 26, 2010 Linux, UMPC
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