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OQO 01+ sells out in 9 hours

On Woot, that is. Today’s deal was for a brand new Tablet Edition OQO Model 01+ (MSRP $1399) for an outstanding $799 (plus $5 s/h).

January 05, 2007 UMPC

HTC Athena MSRP fit for a goddess

Looks like the HTC Athena will be competing with Samsung’s SPH-P9000 for the title of "handtop everyone wanted until its price was announced." The P9000,

December 30, 2006 UMPC

More confirmation for HTC Athena

It’s recently become a well-known fact that the previously rumored HTC Athena is indeed real, but published specs still seem to vary from blog to

December 27, 2006 UMPC

UMPC swallowing PPC whole?

My educational and professional background is in English and editing, so I’m a bit of a stickler for the minutiae that most people couldn’t care

December 23, 2006 UMPC

HTC Athena in the wild

After they broke yesterday’s news about the HTC Athena’s updated specs, the::unwired was quickly added to my RSS feeds. Good thing, too, because look at

December 20, 2006 UMPC

HTC Athena: Now more worthy of namesake?

It was a virtual yawn-fest when a leaked photo and snoozer specs of the upcoming HTC Athena appeared last week. The design was deliciously UMPC-like,

December 19, 2006 UMPC

Samsung SPH-P9000 in action

They’re at it again. Just days after first teasing everyone with documented proof of their rendezvous with the Samsung SPH-P9000 uberdevice, SlashGear is back .

December 16, 2006 UMPC

Samsung SPH-P9000 details emerge

At today’s Mobile Tech Summit in New York, Vincent from SlashGear and Judie from Gear Diary both got some in-person time with the upcoming Samsung

December 14, 2006 UMPC

Review: Raon Digital Vega

When the first crop of UMPCs fell into the hands of reviewers this summer, high price points were among the most commonly cited drawbacks. Unlike

December 13, 2006 Reviews, UMPC

Samsung SPH-P9000 release reverts to 2007

So much for that early December release date. At last week’s ITU Telecom World 2006 event in Hong Kong, official word was that the Samsung

December 10, 2006 UMPC
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