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HP fulfills its promise, releases webOS open source beta

Nine months ago, I announced that HP had plans to open source webOS in order to keep the operating system alive. I guess it takes

September 10, 2012 webOS

HP getting set to take another stab at the tablet market, here are my thoughts

Earlier today, we reported that HP is getting ready to jump back into the muddy waters that are the tablet market. As someone who has

August 17, 2012 Tablets

CM10 Jelly Bean available for the TouchPad

You don’t hear much about the TouchPad anymore, and that’s because there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff going on with it. Nobody has

August 06, 2012 Android, Tablets

CyanogenMod readies Release Candidate 1 for CM9

CyanogenMod is probably one of the most recognized groups of Android developers you can find on the internet. They have a very large group of

June 18, 2012 Android, Hacks, Tablets

Microphone finally working for Android on the TouchPad

There have been two major issues with Android on the TouchPad ever since it was released. The first one was that the camera does not

June 13, 2012 Android, Tablets

How to setup a proxy server on your Android tablet or iPad

My work uses a proxy server to filter internet content. In my experience working IT, it is a pain to deal with on a lot

May 31, 2012 Android, Apple, Tablets

HP Touchpad modded with 300mA USB host port

Getting enough power out of a USB host port has been a constant pain with mobile devices. USB is designed to provide 500mA, which means

May 16, 2012 Accessories, Tablets

Astraware extends the TouchPad Totalizer

Last month I told you about game maker Astraware and their mission to bring games to the TouchPad. They have what is called the TouchPad

April 27, 2012 Tablets

Get webOS-like multitasking on your TouchPad with WebCM9

Ever since I got my TouchPad I’ve enjoyed using webOS. I had no choice but to use it for a couple months because that was

April 24, 2012 Hacks, Tablets

How IFTTT helped me buy a second tablet

About a year ago I came across an interesting concept for a website. I don’t recall exactly where I heard about it, but when I

April 12, 2012 Tablets
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