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Here you can find tips, tricks, and news you can use about the iPad mini by Apple. This dual-core, 7.9-inch tablet has a 1024 x 768 resolution, up to 64GB of storage, and optional LTE connectivity – and we’re here to help you enjoy it even more.

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Why my iPad is collecting dust in the “off-season”

I currently have two mobile devices: an iPad mini, and a Galaxy S II. Using two different platforms is something I often have to explain

July 10, 2013 Android, Apple, Editorials

Is the Xperia Z Ultra’s pencil stylus feature something for the iPad?

The recently announced Sony Xperia Z Ultra is an interesting device in many ways. The most interesting feature for me is the ability to use

July 05, 2013 Accessories, Apple

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a $20 iOS port of a current generation console/PC game

Mobile gaming has changed a lot in recent years, with improved hardware opening up for more and more advanced games. Ports of console and PC

June 24, 2013 Apple, Apps

My favorite iPad mini back cover is once again available, still $1.99

I’m a big fan of cheap cases for my devices. It usually takes me a few tries to track down a specific case for a

June 20, 2013 Accessories, Apple

Stability is not really an issue with my jailbroken iPad

My iPad mini is mostly a productivity device for me, and it being jailbroken is a necessity for some of the things I do with

June 19, 2013 Apple, Hacks

Cling Thing is a great new casual game for iOS

Every time I think there’s no possible way to make another game based around collecting three stars in a unique way, a new game pops

June 18, 2013 Apple, Apps

Did Apple intentionally make iOS 7 controversial to hide a bigger issue?

iOS 7’s design is the big talking point in the iOS world as of late, and most people seem to hate what Apple did to

June 18, 2013 Apple

Am I the only one who thinks that iOS 7 looks ugly?

Apple recently announced iOS 7. You didn’t see any news about it on this site, because I’m the only one left here with an iOS

June 12, 2013 Apple

GoodNotes Jot Touch integration looks very interesting

GoodNotes is my favorite note taking app on the iPad, and a recent update to the app has Jot Touch integration listed in the changelog.

June 04, 2013 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

The iPad mini is perfect proof why listening to internet rumors can backfire

In a few days, the iPad mini will have been out for about 7 months. According to internet rumors that have been going on since

May 31, 2013 Apple, Editorials
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