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AT&T throttles unlimited data users' data speeds to 2G

Back in July, AT&T starting warning its unlimited data users that, starting in October, their data speeds would be throttled once they went over an

December 08, 2011 Android, Apple

AT&T to throttle unlimited data plan users starting in October

Last year, AT&T introduced two new data plans for its smartphone customers: a $15 per month 200MB option, and a $25 per month 2GB plan.

July 28, 2011 Android, Apple

Mophie Juice Pack now brings TV to the iPhone

I spotted this over at the Qualcomm booth, since their technology is key to the Flo TV service that many of you may have heard

January 09, 2010 Accessories, Apple

iChat Portable or iPhone?

TechEBlog has just posted a couple of "leaked" photos of the iChat Portable, which they say will feature a slide-out keyboard, custom OS, flash memory

January 05, 2007 Apple
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