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Google partners with iriver to release e-book reader

Lately, it seems like Google has been trying to compete with everyone. Android competes with iOS, Google Music competes with Amazon Cloud Player and iTunes,

July 11, 2011 Tablets

iriver plans to stir up e-dictionary market with WiFi-equipped, HD-capable D1000

  Android tablets seem to be a dime a dozen at CeBIT this year, but not forgetting the rest of the tech world outside Hanover,

March 05, 2010 UMPC

Review: iriver P7

When the iriver P7 was first announced at CES 2009, it was easily my favorite portable media player on display at the company's booth. I

April 11, 2009 MP3 Players, Reviews

Boutique-style booth: iriver at CES 2009

While most booths at CES this year were overstimulating with oversized displays, neon lights, and bright colors, iriver once again took a minimalist approach when

January 11, 2009 MP3 Players

Hands-on impressions of the iriver P7

Of the actual new products iriver unveiled at CES this year (as mentioned before, only 4 of the 12 devices on the NDA were truly

January 11, 2009 MP3 Players

WiFi-enabled iriver D50N clamshell dictionary

This is the actual Korea-only iriver D50N you saw in press photos and specs yesterday. A pricepoint hasn’t been set yet since it’s not headed

January 09, 2009 Linux, UMPC

CES 2009: iriver P7, P35, D50N, and WAVE-HOME

As in years past, iriver is unveiling a slew of new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Though some of the devices

January 07, 2009 MP3 Players

Review: iriver T5

The iriver T5 was quietly released alongside the T6 a few weeks ago and is the second USB stick-style digital audio player the company has

December 28, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: iriver T6

A few weeks ago, iriver quietly added a new digital audio player to its catalog: the T6. It features a very basic set of features

December 24, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

Recycled: iriver W7 becomes iriver wave phone

Need more proof that iriver’s best designers and most creative minds abandoned ship to hop on board the mintpass vessel? Here it is: the iriver

November 10, 2008 MP3 Players
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