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Review: iriver SPINN

Out of all the new digital media players shown off by iriver at CES 2008, the SPINN was probably the one that consumers were most

October 20, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

iriver SPINN shipping in US on October 3rd

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the US release of the iriver SPINN digital media player, then let it out now and head

September 28, 2008 MP3 Players

New iriver Mplayer Eyes shown at IFA 2008

There was some talk about a new iriver Mplayer with LED "eyes" in the Pocketables Forum a few weeks ago, and it looks like those

September 02, 2008 MP3 Players

Review: iriver Lplayer

The latest digital media player to be released by iriver in the US is the super compact Lplayer. Boasting OGG, FLAC, and XviD support, the

June 30, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: iriver T7 (Volcano/Stix)

Although iriver is best known for its innovative and sleekly designed digital audio players, one of the company’s latest CES-unveiled DAPs to hit the market

June 15, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

Update: iriver Wing still not ready for takeoff

You may remember that one of many new products unveiled by iriver at CES 2008 was the Wing, a little white clamshell featuring a 4-inch

May 27, 2008 UMPC

Confirmed: iriver D5 user interface still in Korean

If the recent appearance of the iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary at the iriver America e-store had you thinking that the original Korean user interface was

May 21, 2008 UMPC

Iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary available in US

Thanks to Pocketables reader pk, I just learned that iriver America has quietly begun selling the metallic D5 multimedia e-dictionary at their online store. Available

May 20, 2008 UMPC

Review: iriver W7

This year’s winner of CNET’s Best of CES award in the MP3 and Portable Video category was the iriver W7, a widescreen (480 x 272)

April 14, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

4GB and 8GB iriver E100 now available at Amazon

If you’ve been waiting for the official U.S. release to pick up the iriver E100, the company’s first digital media player to support FLAC, then

April 13, 2008 MP3 Players
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