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Review: iriver E100

At CES 2008, iriver unveiled a panoply of new digital media players it planned to release in various regions throughout the year. First out of

March 14, 2008 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: iriver Mplayer portable speaker

The iriver Mplayer, better known as the Mickey Mouse MP3 player, recently made a new friend. It’s called the iriver Mplayer portable speaker, a precious

March 04, 2008 Accessories, MP3 Players, Reviews

Save 25% on 4GB iriver clix 2

If you’ve been considering the iriver clix 2 as your next digital media player but haven’t been too keen on the price, you’ll be pleased

January 12, 2008 MP3 Players

Iriver W7 wins Best of CES award

Update 4.14.08: Check out my full iriver W7 review. The iriver W7, the wifi-less version of the otherwise identical W10, won top honors in the

January 11, 2008 MP3 Players

Tiny iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary

Though not as appealing to me as the iriver Wing, the super compact iriver D5 e-dictionary still has me considering a deal with anyone in

January 10, 2008 UMPC

CES 2008: iriver SPINN, P10, LPlayer, E100, iAMOLED digital media players

While taking pictures of the iriver Wing at the company’s booth yesterday, we also took a peek at the extensive line-up of new digital media

January 08, 2008 MP3 Players

Folding iriver Wing handheld PC runs Windows CE

I’m meeting with iriver this afternoon for what I hope will be some hands-on time with all of their new products (more on this later),

January 06, 2008 UMPC

Review: iriver Mplayer

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? Based on the new 1GB Mplayer, my guess would be iriver. Originally commissioned

July 29, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Importer brings 8GB iriver clix 2 to U.S.

The 8GB "red line" version of the superb iriver clix 2 media player may be officially available only in Korea right now, but you know

July 21, 2007 MP3 Players
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