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Review: iriver clix 2 cradle

One of the most uniquely designed and stylish accessories made exclusively for use with the iriver clix 2 is its official cradle, which not only


8GB iriver W10 gets European product page

Mike Kelly, the PR contact for iriver America, left a comment here a few months back divulging all kinds of details about the W10, arguably

June 20, 2007 MP3 Players

Metallic iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary

My iriver D26 knew its place at the top wasn’t going to last forever. But it had no idea it would be dethroned like this!

June 19, 2007 UMPC

Review: Noreve iriver clix 2 leather case

If you’re on the prowl for a top-quality leather case worthy of your new iriver clix 2, premium accessory manufacturer Noreve has you covered (no

Review: iriver T50 and T60

How many boxes of Toblerone chocolates do you think were involved in designing iriver’s new T50 and T60 digital audio players (DAPs)? I’d say at

May 29, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: iriver clix 2

Anyone who thinks iriver isn't a formidable force in the DAP/PMP market obviously hasn't met the clix 2 (also known as 2G clix, clix2, clix,

April 29, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Imagining the iriver D26 as a UMPC

The newest addition to iriver’s Dicple series of multimedia e-dictionaries is the D26, which bears a striking resemblance to the Atree UD10 that both Steve

April 24, 2007 Features, UMPC

Unboxing the iriver clix 2

The clix 2 is iriver’s latest (and some would say greatest) digital audio player. Also called the clix gen 2, clix2, second-gen clix, and even

April 18, 2007 MP3 Players

Review: iriver X20

At CES 2007 in January, iriver unveiled an impressive lineup of new flash-based digital audio and portable media players planned for release throughout the year.

April 08, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

Review: iriver S7

Several months after iriver released its superb S10 digital audio player (DAP), it announced the player’s younger, less-abled, weird-looking sibling: the S7. Obviously a step

March 27, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews
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