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Earth 2….. SORRY!!! BBC PLANET Earth II; First hit (Episode: “Islands”) is free @Amazon & @iTunes

TL;DR;  You can get the First Episode in HD or SD: “Islands“: From adorable pygmy sloths to huge living dragons, islands offer a refuge for

February 20, 2017 Amazon, Apple, Deal, Free, Pocketables
Disney movies pulled 3

Some Disney and Pixar movies have been pulled from Apple iTunes, Amazon Instant Video stores

Here’s a bit of unfortunate news for users of Apple and Amazon movie services: some Disney and Pixar movies have been pulled from iTunes and

October 24, 2013 Apple

Apple’s streaming radio service isn’t close to being done, unlike the iTunes Music Store

It’s been rumored for some time that Apple would be combining its killer iTunes music library with a streaming music service, thereby creating what would

December 05, 2012 Apple, Apps

Apple finally releases iTunes 11: One step closer to an Apple streaming service

In September, Apple introduced its new iPhone 5, as well as a new version of iTunes, aptly named iTunes 11. The company promised that the

November 29, 2012 Apple, Apps

Apple delays iTunes 11 launch until end of November

Wow, two surprises in a row from Apple! In a statement released today, Apple has announced that it is delaying iTunes 11, the next iteration

October 30, 2012 Apple, Apps

Apple October 23 event roundup, part 2: Software

In addition to announcing some new hardware, Apple also had a few things to say about software. But I mean it when I say “few”

October 23, 2012 Apple, Apps

Tech Talk: Apple iPad mini event rumors

We love writing about tech, but we love talking about it, too. And there is no group of people with whom we’d rather discuss tech

October 22, 2012 Apple, Editorials

Apple’s September 12 media event roundup, part 2: Software

On top of unveiling a number of new devices, Apple also announced  a few new things about its software, too. Join me as I walk

September 12, 2012 Apple

Deal alert: eMusic trial subscription gives you $17.50 of DRM-free MP3s

We’ve talked quite a bit about online music services here at Pocketables, with Spotify appearing in a lot of headlines lately. The all-you-can-eat model isn’t

August 13, 2012 Android, Tips & Deals
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