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Google has been hiding the Nexus 5 in Android 4.3 the whole time

  Once upon a time, before pictures and specs of the upcoming Google Nexus 5 were leaked all over the internet, Google slipped a surprise

October 15, 2013 Android

T-Mobile HTC One should be updated to Android 4.3 this week

It’s looking more and more like the Verizon version of the HTC One will be the last one to get the much-anticipated update to Android


The Samsung Galaxy Round is official: a 5.7-inch smartphone with a curved display

Despite the fact that some enthusiasts seem to always find fault with whatever Samsung has to offer, the company has remained the dominant Android device

October 08, 2013 Android

HTC One on Sprint will receive OTA update today to version 3.04.651.2, Android 4.3

The Sprint-branded HTC One will receive the Android 4.3 OTA update today, along with more enhancements to HTC Sense, according to HTC America president Jason


Motorola is working on an “X tablet” which will likely be be customizable

Earlier this year, Motorola finally announced its revamped new phone and product strategy in the Moto X. There was a lot of emphasis on the

September 11, 2013 Android, Tablets

Seagate wants its Ultra Mobile HDD to be an Android tablet hard drive

Probably the last mass-market mobile device to use a traditional spinning plate hard drive was the iPod Classic. Since then, nearly everything mobile has been

September 09, 2013 Android, Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is official, with 5.7-inch 1080p display

We’ve been talking about it for quite a while now, but as of this Wednesday the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, successor to the unique and

September 06, 2013 Android

The 8.3-inch LG G Pad is now official

We’ve been expecting it for a couple of weeks, and now the new LG G Pad 8.3, LG’s entry into the small to medium tablet

September 03, 2013 Android, Tablets

KDE Connect well, connects, your Android phone with the KDE desktop

The few Linux users who regularly follow this blog will likely remember the trouble I had getting my LG Nexus 4 to work with my

August 23, 2013 Android, Linux

LG executive confirms new tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch

Just last week, we found out that LG could be building an 8.3-inch tablet called the LG G Pad, an idea that I quite liked.

August 21, 2013 Android, Linux, Tablets
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