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Tech Talk: The pros and cons of Apple’s possible switch from Intel to ARM

We love writing about tech, but we love talking about it, too. And there is no group of people with whom we’d rather discuss tech

November 05, 2012 Apple, Editorials

Apple delays iTunes 11 launch until end of November

Wow, two surprises in a row from Apple! In a statement released today, Apple has announced that it is delaying iTunes 11, the next iteration

October 30, 2012 Apple, Apps

Apple’s Phil Schiller: Customers aren’t asking for Blu-ray drives anymore

A while back, Steve Jobs said that Blu-ray discs were “a bag of hurt,” and that Macs would likely not include them for a long

October 26, 2012 Apple

Apple removes Java from Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8

Apple has an issue with web browser plug-ins. The hatred for them began with the infamous Flash debacle – which resulted in Apple simply excluding

October 19, 2012 Apple

Good Old Games now supports Mac OS X, brings 50 launch titles to the platform

Good Old Games, a digital distributor of downloadable, DRM-free games announced today that it will be expanding its service to Mac users, ending the four-year

October 18, 2012 Apple, Apps

MacHeist 4 Bundle now live, get 15 Mac apps for $29

The Humble Bundle isn’t the only bundler of things that you can find on the internet. In fact, there are a number of sites and

October 17, 2012 Apple, Apps

Google releases new web reader for Google Play Magazines

Since the Play Store started selling magazines, I’ve been hooked. Granted, I’ve mostly been enjoying the free trial subscriptions, but the Google Play Magazines app

October 17, 2012 Android, Apple, Microsoft

How to pull an SD card out of your Mac’s SuperDrive [Video]

Last week, I was an idiot – for last week, I accidentally stuck one of my SD cards into my MacBook Pro’s SuperDrive slot. Let

October 10, 2012 Apple, Tutorials

Apple releases Supplemental Updates for OS X 10.8.2, 10.7.5

Apple today released two Supplemental Updates, one for each of the currently-supported versions of OS X. Unfortunately, neither were full dot updates, though both address

October 04, 2012 Apple, Software Updates

Feral Interactive to release Batman: Arkham City on OS X in November

Mac OS X has never been known for its gaming prowess. In fact, it’s never been known for even supporting many games, with the introduction

October 02, 2012 Apple, Apps
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