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Sony Vaio UX390N Micro PC for $1299 currently has a limited stock of Sony Vaio UX390N units that they’re selling for just $1299, the same low price offered by Woot last

February 19, 2008 UMPC

Sony Vaio UX series kit

Just days after unveiling the UX490N/C Premium Micro PC bundle, Sony Style has added the Vaio UX Series Kit to its website. Priced at $1850

November 09, 2007 UMPC

Sony announces Vaio UX490N/C Premium Micro PC

Trailing Sony Japan’s announcement of the UX72 and UX92 series of Core 2 Solo Micro PCs by about six weeks, Sony Style in the U.S.

November 03, 2007 UMPC

Sony Vaio UX380N Micro PC for $999

Featured in‘s regular technology specials and hot deals email today are brand new (not refurbished) UX380N Micro PCs for the unbelievable price of $999.99.

October 01, 2007 UMPC

Sony adds Core 2 Solo CPU to Vaio UX series

Although there’s no official sign of a U.S. counterpart yet, Sony Japan has just added three new models to its Vaio UX Micro PC lineup.

September 24, 2007 UMPC

Pocketables artwork: Ambigrams on Sony Vaio UX390N

Inspired by the gadget monkey that launched my little "pocketables artwork" series, engineer and artist Ruel Masacayan sent me two ambigrams he created with his

July 19, 2007 UMPC

Sony Vaio UX processor upgrade campaign

SonyStyle Japan has recently launched a processor upgrade campaign for its HDD- and SSD-based UX91 series of micro PCs. You might remember from this chart

June 07, 2007 UMPC

Engadget readers name Sony Vaio UX280P best handheld of 2006

If a great price isn’t enough to persuade you to pick up a Sony Vaio UX280P, how about top honors from Engadget’s legions of readers?

May 11, 2007 UMPC

$1099 refurbished Sony Vaio UX280P with Linux

If the premium price tags attached to the Sony Vaio UX series have kept you from joining the fine folks at Micro PC Talk, it’s

May 09, 2007 Linux, UMPC

Benchmark battle: Sony Vaio UX180P vs. Samsung Q1P

Are you one of those people who can look at the names of two different processors and know immediately which one is more powerful? I’m

April 16, 2007 Features, UMPC
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