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Nokia and Reuters develop mobile journalism toolkits

This summer, select Reuters journalists have begun using a mobile journalism application with a special toolkit featuring the Nokia N95 and Nokia SU-8W Bluetooth keyboard

October 23, 2007 Accessories

Preorder Nokia N810 Internet Tablet for $450

Mobile City Online is currently accepting preorders for the upcoming Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, which is officially expected to begin shipping in mid-November. The self-professed

October 22, 2007 Linux, UMPC

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet revealed

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today was the big reveal of the Nokia

October 17, 2007 Linux, UMPC

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet for $243

One of the "hot deals" listed on the front page of DealsPlus today is the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, which is now selling for

October 05, 2007 Linux, UMPC

Three Nokia N800 Internet Tablets in one car

It may not be as eye-catching as a single Sony Vaio UX fixed into a headrest, but three Nokia N800 Internet Tablets mounted into a

September 28, 2007 Linux, UMPC

Nokia fixes E90 Communicator flaws

If reports of poor call quality and an easily scratched screen have scared you off from buying the Nokia E90 Communicator, now might be the

August 29, 2007 UMPC

Review: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (Part 2)

Picking up where we left off . . . Now let’s take a look at the Nokia N800’s internet capabilities, communication features, multimedia functions, productivity

August 20, 2007 Linux, Reviews, UMPC

Review: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (Part 1)

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is advertised as a handheld device that lets you "take the internet to new places." Its high-resolution widescreen display and

August 19, 2007 Linux, Reviews, UMPC

Hackers put iPhone features on Nokia N800

Considering that the iPhone isn’t even available outside of the U.S. yet, Brazilian hackers are doing an excellent job of replicating some of its features

August 03, 2007 Apple, Linux, UMPC

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for $140

If you couldn’t get the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for $134 (shipped) on Woot last month and you have an additional $6 in your wallet,

July 26, 2007 Linux, UMPC
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