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5 GMYLE Power Qi wireless charging pad review Overall Score

GMYLE Power Qi wireless charging pad review

The following post is a guest review from Pocketables reader, commenter, and forum member JRDEMASKUS. If you are interested in submitting a guest review of your own,

August 07, 2013 Accessories, Microsoft, Reviews

Jolla actually made a Sailfish smartphone with Android app compatibility

Few people probably remember Jolla, the Finnish company comprised of many who left Nokia after the Windows Phone deal. Instead of producing Windows devices, the

May 20, 2013 Linux

New Windows Phone commercial makes fun of both Apple and Android users

It isn’t new for Microsoft to make fun of its competitors, but the latest Windows Phone commercial from Redmond takes the cake – literally. What

April 29, 2013 Android, Apple, Microsoft

How to live the Google lifestyle on Windows Phone

Maybe you’ve just picked up a Windows Phone, or maybe you’ve been using one since Microsoft launched the mobile operating system a few years back.

April 15, 2013 Editorials, Features, Microsoft

Nokia Lumia 920 appears on Amazon Wireless for $19.99

Amazon Wireless is currently listing the NOKIA Lumia 920 for $19.99 with a two year service contract on AT&T. It is unclear how long this

March 14, 2013 Microsoft, Tips & Deals
5 Review: Nokia Lumia 822 Overall Score

Review: Nokia Lumia 822

The Nokia Lumia 822 was an interesting device for me to review. Usually, I deal only with Android devices, since my first smartphone was the

February 27, 2013 Microsoft, Reviews

Nokia at MWC 2013: New phones, apps, and partnerships

Mobile World Congress 2013 is currently underway in Barcelona, Spain, where hundreds of companies are announcing the latest devices, apps, and more. Not to be

February 25, 2013 Apps, Microsoft

Unboxing: Nokia Lumia 822

Although I’ve been a die hard Android fan my entire life (or, at least since the HTC G1), I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival

February 06, 2013 Microsoft

It’s been a great day for Windows Phone

BlackBerry was the focus of the mobile industry today thanks to the unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and the shedding of the RIM name, but it was a

January 30, 2013 Microsoft, Software Updates

Nokia Drive+ Beta arrives on all Windows Phone 8 devices

Over the summer, Nokia announced that it would be releasing its Lumia-exclusive Nokia Drive app on all Windows Phone 8 devices. But when the OS

January 23, 2013 Apps, Microsoft
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