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Initial impressions of the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro (2013) refurb

I told you yesterday that I am replacing my Microsoft Surface Pro with another device, and today, the replacement has arrived: a refurbished 15-inch, late

April 17, 2014 Apple, Editorials

Latest Chrome beta release protects users from adware and adds new speech API

Google just released a new version of the Chrome Beta desktop web browser that makes some pretty nice enhancements, including a move that is aimed

January 15, 2013 Apple, Apps, Microsoft

Quick app review: TimeMachineEditor for OS X

One of the most important things you can do with any computer is to keep a regularly-scheduled backup. You can back up to the cloud,

December 07, 2012 Apple, Apps, Reviews

Why AppleCare is worth buying for Apple Macs

For the past few months, my 2010 13-inch MacBook Pro has been exhibiting horrible battery life. For a model that was originally claimed to achieve

November 28, 2012 Apple, Editorials

Angry Birds Star Wars travels to Hoth on November 29

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Star Wars will be receiving a free update tomorrow, adding an entirely new planet: Hoth. The two initial locations,

November 28, 2012 Android, Apple, Apps, Microsoft

App review: SyncMate for OS X

If you use a Mac with OS X, you’ll know that one of the hardest things about it is finding good software solutions to keep

November 26, 2012 Apps, Reviews

How to slightly improve your older MacBook’s battery

Let’s be honest: Apple’s MacBook lineup of laptops is an expensive one, and most people can’t afford to upgrade to the newest model every single

November 16, 2012 Apple, Laptops, Tutorials

AppyFridays launches tomorrow, celebrates with six free Mac OS X apps

AppyFridays has just reached out to me to announce that it will be launching tomorrow. To celebrate, it’ll be giving away six Mac apps for

November 08, 2012 Apple, Apps

Angry Birds Star Wars becomes the first game to simultaneously launch on all major platforms

“This will be a day long remembered,” as Darth Vader once said. Angry Birds Star Wars, which Rovio and Lucasfilm announced last month, has become the

November 08, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Apple starting to test OS X 10.9, according to web logs

Earlier this year, Apple announced OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – and with it, the fact that OS X would be receiving updates in a

November 06, 2012 Apple, Laptops
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