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HTC, Apple reach settlement in patent dispute

Here’s a bit of good news to round out your weekend: HTC and Apple today announced that both companies have settled their patent dispute. Instead

November 10, 2012 Android, Apple, Good and EVO

You can now help the USPTO invalidate bad patents, and perhaps slow down the patent wars

As technology enthusiasts, we here at Pocketables have complained quite a bit about the seemingly never ending patent wars. Particularly vicious between Apple and Android

September 21, 2012 Android, Apple

Google and Samsung respond to Apple vs. Samsung judgement

The recently decided Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit – with a verdict worth over $1 billion – is destined to be a big deal, and certainly isn’t over

August 27, 2012 Android, Apple

Samsung hopes to invalidate Apple’s patents with pre-iPhone Mitsubishi technology

In the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung, Samsung may have just brought out a weapon which could take care of quite a bit

August 14, 2012 Android, Apple

Apple gets EU injunction on Galaxy Tab 7.7, wants $2.5 billion in damages from US case

What a surprise, there’s more patent shenanigans going on, and once again they are related to Apple. Today’s case is a continuation of the long

July 24, 2012 Android, Apple

Apple is granted broad interface patent, touchscreen devices need to watch out

Tech companies are granted patents all the time, but today Apple was given yet another massive weapon in the battle that many are now calling

July 17, 2012 Android, Apple

How to temporarily get universal search back on your Sprint Galaxy SII (and possibly other devices)

Recently, there was quite a bit of patent drama surrounding the Galaxy Nexus and other Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy SIII. Based on a universal

July 12, 2012 Android

Judge Lucy Koh grants temporary stay on ban of US sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Oh, take that, Apple! Samsung has just been granted a temporary stay on the ban of US sales of the Galaxy Nexus, which means that

July 06, 2012 Android, Apple

Judge grants Apple an injunction on the Galaxy Nexus based on core search features

As anyone who keeps an eye on the technology industry knows, patent lawsuits and disputes have become just a bit too common, and are often

July 02, 2012 Android, Apple
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