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UMPCs on the runway

Wow. Aren’t the Samsung Q1 UMPCs getting popular! First their Best Buy distribution expands, then they appear (and sell out) on Woot, and now they’re

November 17, 2006 UMPC

Refurbished Samsung Q1 for $750

Woot is serving up another amazing deal today: the 40GB Samsung Q1 UMPC (refurbished) for only $750 plus $5 shipping and handling. A factory-fresh device

November 15, 2006 UMPC

The difference between Germany and Korea (according to Samsung)

Samsung first unveiled its 10-inch widescreen DMB TV, dubbed the LMD-10A51W, at September’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Here’s the photo that accompanied the

November 13, 2006 Tablets

Best Buy finally gets it right

Lately it seems that Best Buy can’t do anything right. First it was the "system glitch" that allowed gaming fans to preorder a PS3, which

November 12, 2006 UMPC

Samsung SPH-P9000: Ultimate convergence

Next year, folks in Korea are getting rid of their cell phones, UMPCs, and PDAs. Okay, not really, but Samsung’s new SPH-P9000 has its sights

November 07, 2006 UMPC

Samsung 10-megapixel camera phone

Man, those folks in Korea have been busy! Samsung’s 10-megapixel SCH-B600 camera phone, announced in the spring, appeared on Korean store shelves today bearing a

October 10, 2006 Tips & Deals

UK gals can downsize their purses

GIRLY POST ALERT The Samsung S400i is one of those I-wish-I-lived-in-the-UK slider phones enabled with i-mode, a mobile Internet service that seems to be all

September 15, 2006 Features
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