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Microsoft ends up “scroogling” itself by reading Skype messages

Lots of people are sick of Microsoft’s “scroogled” campaign, which attempts to demonize Google’s long-standing practice of using automated machines to serve you targeted advertising

May 21, 2013 Android, Microsoft

Skype pulls support for imo in an underhanded assault on Chrome OS

In the wake of news that Skype will soon be available on, it looks as if Microsoft’s IM and video chat service has pulled

May 07, 2013 Editorials, Laptops, Microsoft

Skype finally comes to

The team has been on a roll lately, delivering long-awaited update after long-awaited update. Modern calendar experience? Check. Much-improved Android app? Check. Two-step authentication?

April 29, 2013 Microsoft

Microsoft continues to “re-imagine” itself with new Bing logo and more

A few days ago at a design event in Norway, Albert Shum of Microsoft and Todd Simmons of Wolff Olins spoke about Microsoft’s re-branding movement

April 28, 2013 Microsoft

Skype snaps into action with another update on Windows 8

Our friend Richard Hay over at Windows Observer noticed that Skype just released a new update for its Windows 8 app. But while Microsoft has

December 19, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Check out Consumer Camp in the Bay Area this weekend and learn about seamless experiences with Microsoft’s newest technologies

I will be hosting two Consumer Camp events in the San Francisco Bay area this weekend to answer questions and help people learn about what

December 14, 2012 Microsoft

Skype for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface updated with Messenger integration and bug fixes

The initial release of Skype for Windows 8 – as well as Windows RT devices like the Surface – was great to have, but it was a

November 20, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Skype preview app released for Windows Phone 8

Skype has been available on Windows Phone for some time now, but the latest version – designed specifically for Windows Phone 8-  makes VOIP calls and

November 12, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Skype to officialy replace Window Live Messenger

It’s a bittersweet day for longtime Windows Live Messenger users like myself. Microsoft has announced that Skype, which it recently acquired, will replace Windows Live Messenger

November 06, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Hulu Plus arrives on Windows 8, Skype to go live on October 26

Windows 8 will, at long last, finally be available at the end of the week. But while the Windows Store continues to expand at a

October 22, 2012 Apple, Microsoft
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