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Tasker is an automation app for Android. It allows you to do all sorts of things, from automating everyday tasks to creating your own Android apps from within the app. It has a thousand uses, so our coverage of it is quite extensive.

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How to use Tasker to create a smart dialer that knows what the recipient is doing

During one of my sessions of messing around with Tasker for Android, I had an idea that took me down a path of tinkering and

May 22, 2012 Android

A “few” thoughts on complicated Android apps

I haven't been a steady Android users for all that long, but I like to think I learn fast. Despite my tablet being rooted though,

May 21, 2012 Android

Create a remotely activated panic mode using Tasker (Android)

Tracking lost phones is big business these days, with companies like Apple and Samsung having their own services to handle it right out of the

May 18, 2012 Android

How to sync Audible for Android between devices

As I mentioned back in my little rant about Audible’s horrible mobile app, I had an idea that would perhaps allow me to sync playback

May 14, 2012 Android

How to use Tasker to create sleep timers

Tasker is extremely powerful, and I use it for all sorts of things on my phone. One thing that it really does well is sleep

May 13, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

My alarm clock is now a folder, too

I have a history of turning features that most consider standalone apps into dedicated folders. Being unable to use NFC tags to automatically set timers

May 07, 2012 Android

How to get the Galaxy S III’s Smart Alerts on other devices

The parts of the Samsung Galaxy S III that actually make me want one are things like the wireless charging and NFC, not any of

May 03, 2012 Android, Tutorials

How SmartShift Lockscreen came close to replacing my WidgetLocker, but didn’t

Back in my WidgetLocker for Android review I mentioned how WidgetLocker works with some third party apps like Unlock with WiFi and Tasker, but only to

April 18, 2012 Android

Create intelligent tasks with Tasker and Astrid

Tasker is an app that I wouldn't ever write a separate article about, because first of all I'm not qualified to do so, and second

April 07, 2012 Android
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