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Tasker is an automation app for Android. It allows you to do all sorts of things, from automating everyday tasks to creating your own Android apps from within the app. It has a thousand uses, so our coverage of it is quite extensive.

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Tasker PAI series: Rudimentary AutoVoice music search feature

Disclaimer: The Tasker PAI series is a series of Tasker articles “Provided As Is“. They are marked as such because there’s an above average likelihood that something

July 08, 2013 Android, Apps

Quick Tasker tip: Control which app is the default for an action (root only)

Some features of Android are impossible to control even with root, for what Google tends to call security purposes. Controlling which app should be the

July 02, 2013 Android, Apps

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 8: AutoVoice

A month and a half ago, I posted a guide to AutoVoice. At that point I didn’t think I was going to end up using

June 30, 2013 Android, Apps, Tutorials

My road to learning Tasker scenes, in pictures

One of the things I wanted to make perfectly clear when I decided to add a part 0 to my beginner’s guide to Tasker is that

June 28, 2013 Android, Apps

How to use Google Navigation from AutoVoice [Video]

This particular tip comes courtesy of the AutoVoice developer himself, and is another step in the right direction for being able to use AutoVoice for

June 26, 2013 Android, Apps

Quick Tasker tip: Set your alarm with Tasker to avoid unnecessary button pressing [Video]

Alarm clock apps have become fairly sophisticated, giving you all sorts of options for smooth wake ups, volume, snooze features, work days, and so on.

June 25, 2013 Android, Apps

Quick Tasker tip: Trigger a profile with any of several contexts

As most Tasker users will know, the relationship between contexts in multi-context profiles is that of AND, not OR. This means all contexts have to

June 24, 2013 Android, Apps

Quick Tasker tip: Use K-9 Mail to get email info into Tasker

Tasker has built-in features for gaining access to information from text messages and the phone, but email is a bit more elusive. Part of the

June 21, 2013 Android, Apps

Quick Tasker tip: The Say action can use inactive TTS engines

Tasker’s Say action allows you to use a Text To Speech engine to generate speech based on text input. It’s one of the most useful

June 20, 2013 Android, Apps

GEAK Ring is a great idea for a Tasker creation for NFC users

A Chinese company called GEAK has been making the rounds in the tech press today thanks to some interesting upcoming products. Perhaps the most interesting

June 19, 2013 Accessories, Android, Apps
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