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Living with the Windows 8 Release Preview: Part 3 (Week 4)

Last week was more than a little busy with the Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone Summit announcements, so I wasn’t able to delve into my impressions

June 28, 2012 Microsoft

Windows 8 to support upgrades from as far back as Windows XP

Microsoft is excited about Windows 8. So much so, in fact, that the Redmond software giant wants to make sure that everyone can upgrade straight

June 28, 2012 Microsoft

An in-depth look at Windows 8’s SkyDrive app

I took a break from my series of in-depth looks at Windows 8 apps in order to cover the big Surface event and the Windows Phone

June 27, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

The Twitter app competition on Windows 8 heats up with the release of MetroTwit

Windows 8 won’t be officially available for another few months, but the Twitter app competition is already heading up. Previously, Rowi and Tweetro were duking

June 27, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Why I made my smaller screen the main display on Windows 8

Windows 8’s multi-monitor support is much improved on the desktop, but it’s disappointing on the Metro-style side. In many ways, it feels like Microsoft took

June 26, 2012 Microsoft

Windows 8’s multi-monitor support: one step forward, two steps back

With Windows 8, Microsoft has made a great number of improvements – much needed ones, at that – to the operating system’s multi-monitor support. Desktop

June 26, 2012 Microsoft

Woot predicts the demise of the Microsoft Surface

Last week, William announced the Microsoft Surface as Microsoft’s next foray into the tablet market. He then stated that the Surface would be his next computing

June 25, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets

I might not buy a Retina MacBook Pro after all

Two weeks ago, Apple announced its new Retina MacBook Pro. It was just about everything I wanted: a powerful processor, a beefy GPU, and a

June 25, 2012 Microsoft

An in-depth look at Windows 8’s Windows Store

The introduction of the Windows Store, while relatively simple, is arguably one of the biggest additions Microsoft has made to Windows 8. The Windows Store

June 19, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Why my next computing device will be a Surface

My next computing device will be a Surface. No, I’m not talking about a hard slab upon which things are placed. Nor am I referencing

June 18, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets
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