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Covering the Windows Phone Summit with a Windows Phone

As our readers no doubt noticed, Pocketables was on hand at last week’s Windows Phone Summit to cover the Windows Phone 8 announcement live. But

June 28, 2012 Microsoft

Reviewing Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit announcements

Microsoft made a lot of big announcements at the Windows Phone Summit this week, particularly the official unveiling of the next major iteration of the

June 22, 2012 Features, Microsoft

Microsoft discusses Windows Phone 8 hardware and updates

The first wave of Windows Phone 8 handsets will be manufactured by Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and HTC. The OS will support 50 languages and more

June 20, 2012 Microsoft

Windows Phone 8 gets VOIP integration and improved voice control

Windows Phone 8 will allow VOIP apps to deeply integrate into the OS, providing support for accepting incoming calls as if they were a traditional

June 20, 2012 Microsoft

Windows Phone 8 apps can be ported to Windows 8 for multiplayer and more

Windows Phone 8’s shared core with Windows 8 makes it easy to convert a game or app from one platform to another in just two

June 20, 2012 Microsoft

Windows Phone 8 Start screen redesigned

Windows Phone 8 will allow users to customize the Start screen much more than is currently possible. Tiles can be resized, and you’re no longer

June 20, 2012 Microsoft

Windows Phone 8 unveiled

Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 8, featuring a shared core with Windows 8, support for multi-core processors (up to 64 cores), bigger screen resolutions, microSD

June 20, 2012 Microsoft

What I want to see announced at tomorrow’s Windows Phone Summit

In just a few hours, Microsoft will unveil the biggest Windows Phone update since the platform launched in 2010. Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” added more

June 19, 2012 Microsoft
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