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Nokia Drive+ Beta arrives on all Windows Phone 8 devices

Over the summer, Nokia announced that it would be releasing its Lumia-exclusive Nokia Drive app on all Windows Phone 8 devices. But when the OS

January 23, 2013 Apps, Microsoft

Windows Phone Tip: Filter Local Scout results to show locations that are open now or offering a deal

Local Scout is a great feature on Windows Phone, and it received a nice update for Windows Phone 8. Many of the improvements aren’t immediately

January 21, 2013 Microsoft, Tutorials

Samsung ATIV Odyssey launching on Verizon in the “coming weeks”

After months of leaks and rumors, Samsung has officially announced the ATIV Odyssey (pronounced “ah-TEVE”) during CES, a mid-range Window Phone 8 device headed to

January 07, 2013 Microsoft

Sprint to offer two Windows Phone 8 devices “by summer”

Sprint has announced during CES that it will start offering two Windows Phone 8 devices “by summer.” Both Samsung and HTC are on board, promising

January 07, 2013 Microsoft

Backing up with Windows Phone 8

Last week, I wrote about how to manually initiate or delete a backup on Windows Phone 8. Today, I decided to actually put the feature

January 03, 2013 Microsoft

App review: AlphaJax for Windows Phone

AlphaJax, a Scrabble/Words With Friends-type word game, has been available on Windows Phone since the platform debuted in 2010. In many ways, it set the bar

January 02, 2013 Apps, Microsoft, Reviews

Windows Phone 8 Tip: Manually initiate or delete a backup

By default, Windows Phone 8 will automatically backup your app list, settings, text messages and IMs, and photos. Text and chats are backed up to

December 26, 2012 Microsoft, Tutorials

Three ways to improve Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass, a second-screen experience app for Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android, and iOS, is pretty cool. It works fairly well in practice, but there

December 20, 2012 Apps, Microsoft

Windows Phone 8’s first update is now available on AT&T – here’s how to get it now

Last week, Microsoft started rolling out the first Windows Phone 8 update, codenamed “Portico” to a limited number of international devices. As of this writing,

December 19, 2012 Microsoft

Windows Phone 8’s voice commands are a nice improvement

With Windows Phone 7.x, it was possible to read and respond to text messages using voice commands, as well as start phone calls, launch apps,

December 18, 2012 Microsoft
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